Explore the Amenities of Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur

Explore the Amenities of Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur

When you step up to the Reception Desk at Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur, you immediately realize that this is more than a hotel. In fact, it is a place of gracious living. An exquisite turquoise blue and green etched glass wall embraces the desk, inviting you to enjoy the hotel’s beauty from the very moment you enter.

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Though you can reserve accommodations for just a day, there is something reassuring about staying here for your entire time, whether for business or pleasure. The hotel is actually a series of apartments, and you can choose how many bedrooms you need. Each apartment provides housekeeping services, complimentary Wi-Fi, a home entertainment system, and a kitchen with the things you need to prepare a meal. There are separate living areas, tastefully decorated with comfortable, yet beautiful décor. Some apartments even have a washer and drier, a coffee maker and a balcony.

Regardless of the apartment you select, there are many amenities to enjoy within the hotel. Swatches restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch hours, Mondays through Fridays. The gym is open 24/7. There are aerobics, yoga and games rooms. There is an infinity pool with a spectacular view of the city, and a hot and cold dipping pool to sooth the senses. A complete sauna and steam room offer the chance to relax tired muscles. These all offer resort comforts with the assurance that you will return home to your apartment with ease.

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When you consider that the hotel offers around the clock security systems and regular shuttle service to local shopping, everything necessary for a pleasant stay is available. Located near banks, business centers and tourist points of interest, this hotel is ideal for most any traveler.

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